Search the Collection: Amy Pickles, Lucy McCall & Max Limbu

Image credits: Anthony Hopwood

Search the Collection: Amy Pickles, Lucy McCall & Max Limbu

28-29 March 2015
Special Event: Friday 27 March 2015, 6 – 8pm

The Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery Fine Art painting collection consists of over 700 oil paintings dating back some five hundred years. A recent redisplay of the Long Gallery proudly showcases 99 of the collections finest works. Much consideration and public consultation went into the selection for this new thematic presentation that aims to challenge yet delight visitors, giving an assortment of styles over many decades to glean and take inspiration from.

Search the Collection is a project that commissioned three artists, all with varying links to Nottingham, to work with the collection and discover the history of Nottingham Castle and the City. Contemporary print-maker Lucy McCall, performance artist Amy Pickles and video artist Max Limbu have responded to the diversity of the collection and created new work exclusively for this exhibition. Staged for a limited time in the galleries amidst the paintings that have inspired them, Search the Collection encourages others to engage with the works on display in different ways.

The exhibition, curated by Colette Griffin, was open to the public from 28-29 March with Measuring A Great, a performance by Amy Pickles, taking place exclusively during a special event on Friday 27 March in the Long Gallery. Search the Collection validates the potential museum collections have to inspire creativity and understanding, demonstrating how they can develop and form artistic practice through contemporary methods of making.

Supported by Arts Council England Museum Development funding awarded to Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery in 2012-15. Part of this funding has been used to commission and programme work by young artists.

          Conversation between Eta Carinae and Vulcan by Max Limbu

          Measuring A Great, by Amy Pickles

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